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About the Forum

Located in Silicon Valley, Stanford University lies in the heart of one of the world’s most unique ecosystems that continues to shape the world through its innovations and talent.  As the premier energy event at Stanford, the Global Energy Forum brings together a unique delegation of global citizens, industry leaders, energy experts and innovative problem solvers to holistically address the challenges of the transforming global energy ecosystem.

Why Participate

The Global Energy Forum offers participants an opportunity to gain visibility of emerging trends in energy, gain insights about rapidly transforming sectors of the global energy ecosystem, identify connections and opportunities between these sectors while fostering connections among peers who are advancing global energy policy and practice.

From the Directors

The global energy system is now undergoing a major transformation. The fundamentals of the energy industry are rapidly changing because of three “Ds”; Diversification to offer more options for transportation as well as electricity generation and use; Decarbonization to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental pollution; and Digitization to automate, increase efficiency and reduce costs. 

We are also faced with the global challenges of the 21st century; decarbonizing cost-effectively while continuing economic growth, providing access to affordable modern energy to every human being in this world and making our infrastructure resilient against various natural and man-made threats. 

Giants of the oil, gas and transportation industries as well as those of the electricity sector are trying to figure out how to navigate this 3D effect, i.e. sustain the current business while pivoting to a new world of energy that could look quite different two to three decades from now. How industries, governments and the broader ecosystem address them will have far-reaching consequences on economic growth, national security and the environment in the 21st century.  

No one has all the answers, but it is clear that it will require innovations writ large spanning technology, economics, business, markets, finance, policy, law, sociology and human behavior. 

The key to nurturing innovations is to create a culture of openness to new ideas balanced by constructive dialogue within a community. This is why we know that convening leaders at the Stanford Global Energy Forum is critical to understanding, appreciating and shaping the Future of Energy. Since the future belongs to the next generation, we will also engage students from Stanford and other universities in this strategic dialogue and thereby help them become energy leaders of the future.

Sally Benson and Arun Majumdar, Co-Directors of the Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy


For more information about the Stanford Global Energy Forum, contact:

Arun Majumdar, Co-director, Precourt Institute for Energy, Stanford University 650.725.4016

Sally Benson, Co-director, Precourt Institute for Energy, Stanford University 650.725.0358

Cindy Williams, Program Manager, Precourt Institute for Energy, Stanford University 650.724.2613