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Global Energy Heroes Prize 2022 Winners

The 2022 Prize Winners

Three sustainability organizations have won the 2022 Global Energy Heroes prizes from Stanford University’s Precourt Institute for Energy, announced on May 4 during Stanford’s Energy Solutions Week.

The winning organizations work in Kenya, Brasil and the United States. Mukuru Clean Stoves is figuring out how to get Nairobi’s low-income mothers to switch to improved cookstoves, a huge health problem that has bedeviled decades of international aid efforts. Revolusolar is making residential solar accessible to low-income households in sun-drenched Rio de Janeiro. And ElectricFish is enabling affordable, all-renewable electricity charging to electric vehicles while also making regional power grids less vulnerable to blackouts. Each organization gets $20,000 to advance their enterprise.

Congratulations to the 2022 Global Energy Heroes!

Watch the videos submitted by the winning organizations and read the full news release here