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Andrew Ponec


Co-founder and CEO, Antora Energy

StorageX Annual Meeting - Tuesday, May 3

Andrew Ponec is the co-founder and CEO of Antora Energy, a startup developing thermal energy storage products to deliver zero-carbon industrial heat and power. Ponec has led technology development and fundraising at Antora Energy, which is backed by world-leading
investors including Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Lowercarbon Capital, and Shell Ventures. Mr. Ponec previously founded a solar energy company called Dragonfly Systems. Dragonfly developed and commercialized novel power electronics for utility-scale solar power
plants, and was acquired by SunPower in 2014. Ponec led the team through concept generation, prototyping, validation testing, and manufacturing, and eventually oversaw the installation of over 10 MW of solar power plants that used the technology. He received
his B.S. in energy systems engineering from Stanford University, where he researched advanced photovoltaics and power electronics.