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Chris Graves


Founder & CEO, Noon Energy

StorageX Annual Meeting - Tuesday, May 3

Chris Graves has focused on sustainable energy and materials since 2004. After receiving his Ph.D. from Columbia University in 2010 on the topic of storing renewable electricity by converting CO2 and H2O into hydrocarbon fuels with high temperature electrolysis cells, he continued electrochemistry research at the Technical University of Denmark,most recently as a senior scientist. Graves has led projects on novel electrochemical energy storage technologies, from new materials to modeling and characterization of cells to design and techno-economic analysis of systems. He has collaborated with NASA and was a visiting scholar at Stanford University on related electrochemical materials and devices.
In 2012 he invented a new type of rechargeable flow battery. After extensive lab-scale proof-of-concept research, he founded Noon Energy in 2018 to further develop and commercialize this breakthrough technology.