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Yi Cui


Director, Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy, Stanford University

Yi Cui, is director of the Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy, Fortinet Founders Professor, professor of materials science and engineering at Stanford, and of photon science at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. His research focuses on nanomaterials for energy storage, solar cells, topological insulators, biology and the environment.  He is the co-director of Stanford's StorageX Initiative, an associate editor of Nano Letters, co-director of the Department of Energy’s  Bay Area Photovoltaics Consortium and Battery 500 consortium, and co-founder of Amprius Inc. and 4C Air Inc. He is a fellow of the Materials Research Society, the Electrochemical Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry. His selected awards include Blavatnik National Laureate (2017), MRS Kavli Distinguished Lectureship in Nanoscience (2015), the Sloan Research Fellowship (2010), KAUST Investigator Award (2008),  Technology Review World Top Young Innovator Award (2004). He received a B.S. in chemistry from the University of Science and Technology of China, and a Ph.D. in chemistry from Harvard University. His GCEP efforts include “Toward High-Efficiency Thin Film Solar Cells Combining Multi-Junctions and Nano-Scale Light” and “Self-Healing Polymers for High-Energy-Density Lithium Ion Battery.”


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