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2018 Forum Videos

Welcome to Stanford University
Marc Tessier-Lavigne
Stanford Global Energy Forum Opening Remarks
Arun Majumdar
Gamechanger: What's New in an Old Industry: Oil & Gas in the Era of Decarbonization
Mark Zoback
Global Oil & Gas Dialogue
Yi Cui (Chair), Philippe Sauquet, David Hager, Andrew Swiger
Entrepreneur Panel
Ira Ehrenpreis (Chair), KR Sridhar, Richard Swanson, Etosha Cave
Welcome - Michael Morgan
Michael C. Morgan
Middle East Dialogue
Condoleezza Rice (Chair), Abdallah Al-Mouallimi
North American Dialogue
Condoleezza Rice (Chair), Peter MacKay, Jamie Parada
Global Energy Transformations Dialogue
Steven Chu (Chair), Lisa Davis, Isabelle Kocher
Energy Policy, China Viewpoint
Tao Zhang
Gamechanger: Digital Automation - The Future of Machine Intelligence
Jeff Dean
Digitalization of Energy Dialogue
Ashok Belani (Chair), Jeff Dean, Patricia Poppe
Future of Energy Dialogue
William Perry, Jerry Brown
Dinner: Food for Thought
Arun Majumdar, Lisa Murkowski, Marc Tessier-Lavigne
Welcome - Sally Benson
Yi Cui
Changing US Electricity Landscape
Doug Kimmelman (Chair), Anne Pramaggiore, Thad Hill
Gamechanger: How Far Can Batteries Go?
Yi Cui
Gamechanger: Autonomous Mobility
Chris Urmson
Future of Mobility Dialogue
Cathy Zoi (Chair), Mike Ableson
Global Energy Transformations Dialogue
Kate Gordon (Chair), Abhijeet Sathe, Lei Zhang
Climate Change Talk: Knowns and Unknowns About Climate Change
Chris Field
Welcome - Lynn Orr - Session IX
Lynn Orr
Cybersecurity Dialogue
John Hennessy (Chair), David Goeckeler, Susan Gordon
Natural Gas & Energy Transition
Mark Zoback (Chair), Sara Ortwein, Francesco Mele, David Carroll
Energy Investments Dialogue
Thomas Heller (Chair), Joaquim Levy
Welcome - Lynn Orr - Session X
Lynn Orr
Energy Investments Talk
Alastair Bishop
Energy Investments - Benson & Moynihan
Yi Cui (Chair), Brian Moynihan
Energy Investments Dialogue
Arun Majumdar (Chair), Bill Gates
Reflections from Stanford Energy
Arun Majumdar (Chair), William Perry, Steven Chu
Closing Remarks
Arun Majumdar, Yi Cui