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Audience looking at Bill Gates and Arun Majumdar
Stanford Global Energy Forum
May 6-7, 2020


From the DIrectors

The global energy system is undergoing a major transformation. The fundamentals of the energy industry are rapidly changing. We face challenging global issues such as cost-effective decarbonization, affordable access to energy and infrastructure resilience. How industries, governments and the broader ecosystem address them will have far-reaching consequences on economic growth, national security and the environment in the 21st century.

The key to nurturing innovations is to create a culture of openness to new ideas balanced by constructive dialogue within a community. This is why we know that convening leaders at the Stanford Global Energy Forum is critical to understanding, appreciating and shaping the future of energy. Since the future belongs to the next generation, we will also engage students from Stanford and other universities in this strategic dialogue and thereby help them become energy leaders of the future. Read all.

History of the Global Energy Forum


The Vail Global Energy Forum, a vision of founder Jay Precourt, was started in 2011 with the goal of advancing the public understanding of global energy via fact-based balanced dialogue. Each year, over 300 stakeholders convened in Colorado where, in later years, the forum focused on North America as a rising power in energy. The Global Energy Forum moved to its permanent home at Stanford University in the Fall of 2018 where it explored the rapidly changing worldwide energy ecosystem and address the implications of these changes.