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Stanford Engineering quad
Innovation Day & Global Energy Forum
November 1-3, 2022

Where global leaders engage in strategic dialogue about the future of energy.


Stanford Energy Innovation Day
November 1, 2022

Innovation Day is a one-of-a-kind, by-invitation convening of Stanford's energy technology ecosystem including including venture capital, angel investors, corporate venture, start-ups, and Stanford research faculty. Innovation Day showcases start-up technologies, and features critical dialogues on deploying energy solutions at speed and scale. 


Stanford Global Energy Forum
November 2-3, 2022

As the premier energy event at Stanford, the by-invitation Global Energy Forum brings together a unique delegation of global policy makers, industry leaders, energy experts, and innovative problem solvers to address the challenges of the transforming global energy ecosystem. After two postponements due to COVID, the Global Energy Forum resumes in November of 2022.


Stanford's Commitment to Sustainability
Stanford is launching its first new school in more than 70 years dedicated to creating a future where humans and nature thrive in concert and in perpetuity. Through academics research institutes, and initiatives, the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability mobilizes interdisciplinary efforts to tackle urgent climate and sustainability challenges facing people and ecosystems worldwide. An Accelerator will draw expertise from across the university and outside partners to co-create and scale policy and technology solutions for urgent climate and sustainability challenges.

From the DIrector

Yi Cui

Addressing climate change and environmental justice have become top priorities for the U.S. federal government, and others world-wide. Most recently, energy has returned as a top national security concern. To explore, understand and appreciate the call to action, we are launching two important gatherings in November of 2022.

Stanford Global Energy Forum participants will examine and synthesize the latest developments into concrete actions we can take in our work. Transitioning to low-carbon energy systems while extending the benefits of these systems to all people is a huge, dual challenge. It also offers the biggest opportunity of the 21st century.  How businesses, government, research institutes and civic organizations seize this opportunity could benefit not just our environment, but the global economy and national security.

Stanford Energy Innovation Day is a one-of-a-kind convening of Stanford's energy technology ecosystem that brings together a stakeholder community, showcases start-up technologies, and features critical dialogues on deploying energy solutions at speed and scale.

The opportunity for individuals from these entities to engage in person and find potential collaborations this November should be exciting and fruitful. 

We hope that you will join us in person for Stanford Energy Innovation Day and Stanford Global Energy Forum so that our current and future leaders can together explore, understand and help shape the future of energy. Read all.