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Audience looking at Bill Gates and Arun Majumdar
Stanford Global Energy Forum
May 6-7, 2020


2020 Registration opening soon!

Hosted by four former U.S. Cabinet Members, the Stanford Global Energy Forum is a by-invitation forum that gathers over 500 global energy leaders together to address the rapidly changing worldwide energy ecosystem. Participants in the May 6-7, 2020 Forum will 


Gain insights into rapidly transforming sectors of the global energy ecosystem from leading experts.

Learn about innovation in energy technologies and policies.

Understand the challenges and opportunities around transforming the global energy system from global leaders.

Interact with world-renowned Stanford faculty as they showcase the latest in initiative research.

Engage with peers who are advancing global energy policy and practice.


The sold-out inaugural Forum in 2018 brought over 550 global industry leaders, policy experts, luminaries, and innovators together for two days of deep discussion on the state of energy around the world. One of the top takeaways was the sense of urgency about transforming the energy system to meet the crisis around greenhouse gas emissions. The 2020 Forum program follows on that call-to-action by focusing on key energy issues such as the electricity grid, storage, scalability, transportation, hydrogen, carbon management, natural gas, finance and markets. 

Global Energy Heroes Prize

This year, we introduce the Global Energy Heroes prize. The prize focuses on young leaders (18-30) who are exemplifying passion, leadership, and innovative approach to energy transformation. The prize honors individuals (or groups) who have employed affordable, sustainable, scalable energy solutions that have significantly impacted their local communities. Three top winners will be presented with their awards at the May 2020 Forum. Prize submission opens in October. Come back for more details about the prize, including entry information coming soon.

We hope you will join us and others in working to transform the energy landscape and secure the future of energy.

U.S. Secretary of State (Fmr)
William Perry profile photo
U.S. Secretary of Defense (Fmr)
U.S. Secretary of State (Fmr)
Steven Chu profie photo
U.S. Secretary of Energy (Fmr)

From the DIrectors

Sally Benson and Arun Majumdar in the courtyard of the Stanford Engineering Quad.

The world is facing the dual challenge of providing access to affordable and reliable energy for improving our quality of life, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the global energy system with a sense of fierce urgency. This will require a major transformation of the global energy system, a sector worth more than $10 trillion per year.  This dual challenge also offers the biggest opportunity of the 21st century.  How businesses, nations, researchers and civic organizations seize this opportunity will impact not just our environment, but the global economy and national security.

The magnitude, speed and the nature of this energy transition is unique and unprecedented. Looking back in time for historic lessons will not guarantee future success. Solving the energy challenge will require innovations across science, engineering, business, law, finance and human behavior.  To explore, understand and appreciate these innovations, we launched the inaugural Stanford Global Energy Forum in 2018.

We hope you will join us for our second Stanford Global Energy Forum so that our current and future leaders can together explore, understand and help shape the future of energy. Read all.